Month: June 2020

Traditional sewing of sails

Pommern sailmakers show the techniques of traditional sailmaking, both Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5 pm.

In 1984 some elderly seamen, who had been sailing on square riggers themselves, started to sew sails to the museum ship Pommern which is anchored in the western Mariehamn. They also started teaching a new generation of sailmakers, and since then the tradition of traditional sailmaking has been continued. It is very important to preserve the Pommern as a guardian of Åland’s maritime heritage.

Today Pommern sailmakers are also sewing sails to other museum ships in the world, and therefore they meet on a regular basis once a week.

The Nomadic Nature of felting

Lecturer: Yvonne Habbe, Gotland, Sweden
Date and time: Sunday August 30th at 11am
No advance registration, no fee.

This lecture is about the travelling and moving of nomads, refugees and tourists. It focuses on how wool and the fulling of wool can be used on today´s art scene.

Lace Making from Setomaa, Estonia

Demonstrator: Sigre Andreson, Setomaa, Estonia
Date and time: Sigre will be on location during both days
Watch master Sigre make an intricate lace and try using the technique yourself.

Raku Pottery Firing

Demonstrator: Paul Bradley, Åland
Date and time: Paul will be on location during both days

Potter Paul Bradley will demonstrate raku firing techniques. Raku is a firing technique rooted in Japanese tradition and associated with Japanese tea ceremonies.

Wood carving with fresh wood

Workshop leaders: Anna Häggblom, Åland
Date and time: Both days from 10am to 4pm
Fee: 10€/person and object
No advance registration required. Open workshop in how to carve a spoon and/or a/an shrink pot

Try forging

Workshop leader: Tanja Spormann-Karlsson, Åland
Date and time: Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am until 4pm
Fee: 20€/person and object

Try forging and make a piece of jewellery.

Colourful crochet work

Workshop leader: Maret Vabarna, Setomaa, Estonia
Date and time: Maret will be on location during both days. No advance registration is required.
No fee.
Learn how to crochet lace in a variety of colours.

Needle binding

Workshop leader: Saija Lehtonen, Finland
Date and time: Saija will be on location during both days. No advance registration is required.
Fee: 10€/person
Saija speaks Finnish, English and some Swedish