The Nomadic Nature of felting – CANCELLED

NOTE: Cancelled due to the lecturer not being allowed to travel to Åland due to the pandemic.
Lecturer: Yvonne Habbe, Gotland, Sweden
Date and time: Sunday August 30th at 11am
No advance registration, no fee.

This lecture is about the travelling and moving of nomads, refugees and tourists. It focuses on how wool and the fulling of wool can be used on today´s art scene.

Weaving with a rigid heddle loom – CANCELLED

NOTE: Cancelled due to the pandemic.
Course leader: Tuija Tekin, Taito Pohjois-Karjala ry
Languages: Finnish, English, Turkish
Participants: 6/course
Fee: 80€/person

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm including a lunch break, separate courses.

Learn how to use a rigid heddle loom.

Three-dimensional felting – CANCELLED

NOTE: Cancelled due to the course leader not being allowed to travel to Åland due to the pandemic.
Course leader: Yvonne Habbe
Date and time: August 29th, from 10 am to 4 pm, one-day course
Fee: 80€
Participants: 12

Sculptural objects – small format, big variation.
With inspiration from nature´s symmetry, we will explore full wool volumes. We will make sculptural objects using three-dimensional patterns.

Birch-bark workshop – CANCELLED

NOTE: Cancelled due to the pandemic.
Workshop leader: Tarja Puukko, Taito Pohjois-Karjala ry
Languages: Finnish and English
Drop-in workshop: 10€/person
Tarja will be on location during both days. No advance registration is required.

Brush making

A few people from the organisation, Åland’s visually impaired, are coming to SLOYD FEST and showing how they make different types of brushes.
They are on-site both Saturday and Sunday at 11-17.

Binding of crowns for the maypole

At SLOYD FEST you get to see women from Torp village team in Hammarland make the crowns for the maypole. They are on-site both days and are happy to tell you more about the tradition with the midsummer crowns.

Traditional sewing of sails

Pommern sailmakers show the techniques of traditional sailmaking, both Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5 pm.

In 1984 some elderly seamen, who had been sailing on square riggers themselves, started to sew sails to the museum ship Pommern which is anchored in the western Mariehamn. They also started teaching a new generation of sailmakers, and since then the tradition of traditional sailmaking has been continued.