Tablet weaving

Workshop leader: Ingrit Kala, Setomaa, Estonia
Date and time: Ingrit will be on location during both days.
No advance registration. No fee.

Ingrit has lived her whole life in Setomaa in the southeast of Estonia, a place with unique cultural traditions. Traditional Seto costumes and craftsmanship have long been important to Ingrit.
During this workshop, you will be able to try one of the oldest ribbon-making techniques there is – weaving with trays.
In Setomaa, these ribbons have been used mostly by men and worn as belts around the waist of a linen shirt.
During the workshop, we will learn to read patterns, to measure and cut yarn for the warp. Then we will run the yarn through the tabletterna according to instructions to create a specific pattern.
During the workshop, we will weave a belt approximately 20 cm long by turning the trays in accordance with the pattern.