The Nomadic Nature of felting

Lecturer: Yvonne Habbe, Gotland, Sweden
Date and time: Sunday August 30th at 11am
No advance registration, no fee.

This lecture is about the travelling and moving of nomads, refugees and tourists. It focuses on how wool and the fulling of wool can be used on today´s art scene.
An overnight stay in a jurta in the state of Tuva in southern Russia, planted the seed which grew into my interest in wool and the fulling of wool, which is now my primary occupation.
Over the past years, I have repeatedly returned to working with large textile pots and have often reflected on how we carry things. A large part of the world´s population today move around lika nomads and constantly have to consider what to bring with them.
I myself seldom travel light and I sometimes wish I could pack myself in one of my bags. That is how I got the idea to full a pot big enough to hold me, says Yvonne.