Wood carving with fresh wood

Workshop leaders: Anna Häggblom, Åland
Date and time: Both days from 10am to 4pm
Fee: 10€/person and object
No advance registration required. Open workshop in how to carve a spoon and/or a/an shrink pot

Use an axe or a knife to carve a spoon or try making a shrink pot.
In both cases, fresh birch wood from Åland will be used.
The shrink pot will be made by drilling a hole through the heartwood of a large enough piece of fresh wood. The wood will be carved out using a knife, hence getting a bottom of dry wood. When the wood starts to dry up, the cylinder will shrink around the bottom and you will get a cup or a pencil stand. Add a lid and you will have a complete wooden box.

A spoon is carved out of a split piece of wood and shaped with a knife and axe to your preference. The bowl of the spoon is carved out using a spoon knife.